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I-PAL Japanese language course will start from October 4th (Thursday).
If you would like to apply or see the class, please come to I-Pal Kagawa.
(Please wear a mask when you come to I-Pal Kagawa.)

* The details of the course are herePlease see.

I-PAL Japanese Language Courses will be starting from April 13 (Thursday).
Please stop by I-PAL Kagawa if you would like to register or take a trial class.
 (Please make sure to wear a mask when you come to I-PAL.)

For course details, please check the link.

The I-PAL Japanese Language Course will begin on October 4th.
Report name or person, a person who is a human being, I-PAL Kagawa.
(At the time of I-PAL Kagawa, a certain amount of demand is required.)

* Detailed information on related courses, requestHere.

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Ipal Foreign Language Course
(2023Year 4Month)

Recruitment of students for the April semester of the foreign language course will begin on March 4 (Wednesday).
* Supporting members of our association can apply from March 3 (Wednesday).

For details such as the outline and schedule of the course here.

A Japanese language volunteer class for foreignersStarts in October.
People who want to study Japanese language and culture by talking with volunteers in Japanese,
If you would like to hear what you are doing, please come and visit us.

Volunteers who speak Japanese with foreigners and help them study Japanese
We are also looking for

2023Years4From the moon 9The monthly schedule is here.

All foreign residents are invited to join our volunteer-led Japanese language class, the
Japanese Language Salon, starting in April!

Through conversations in Japanese with volunteers, you can practice the language and
learn about the culture, or discuss any worries or concerns you might be having.
We welcome your participation!

We are also seeking volunteers to converse in Japanese and help facilitate foreign
residents' language learning.

* Click here for class schedule April -September 2023.

Foreign Residents' Japanese Language Team "Japanese Language",Will4monthly start.

Japanese language exchange for those who wish to help, study Japanese language and Japanese culture, etc. Welcome to participate!

At the same time, we are also invited to long-term Japanese language exchanges with foreign residents, and to help them learn Japanese language aspirants.

* April-September 2023 schedule, requestHereInquire.

Lớp tiếng Nhật tình nguyện dành cho người nước ngoài sẽ bắt đầu từ tháng 4.
Bạn muốn trao đổi bằng tiếng Nhật với các tình nguyện viên, hay bạn muốn học tiếng
Nhật, văn hóa Nhật, cũng như muốn được lắng nghe những khó khăn của mình thì nhất
định hãy tham gia nhé.

Tuyển tình nguyện viên có thể nói chuyện với người nước ngoài bằng tiếng Nhật, hoặc
có thể hỗ trợ, giúp đỡ trong việc học tiếng Nhật.

※Lịch hoạt động từ tháng 4 đến tháng 9 năm 2023, here.

2023 first half salon flyer (March 3 version).jpg2023 first half salon calendar (March 3 version).jpg

Multicultural community development promotion project

Indonesian courseinAyagawa~Let's interact with Indonesian people! ~

Kagawa Prefecture has an increasing number of foreign residents from Southeast Asia every year.This time, we will hold a lecture in Ayagawa-cho that focuses on Indonesia among them.Foreign residents from Indonesia will be invited as guests, and while being divided into groups and interacting, they will learn about the language and culture of Indonesia.

If you are interested, please join us!

*For details, please click the flyer ↓.

Indonesia course flyer revised2023.5.9.jpg

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