I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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Introduction of international exchange staff and trainees

ntroduction of Coordinators for International Relations and Interns

In Kagawa Prefecture, we invite four international exchange members and dispatch instructors at the request of schools, municipalities, and international exchange organizations.

Two international exchange members have been dispatched from the prefecture to our association, and they are in charge of foreign language courses and international understanding courses, and actively interact with the citizens of the prefecture.

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>>For an introduction to international exchange members, please see the website of the International Affairs Division of Kagawa Prefecture.

 Introduction of Kagawa Overseas  Technical Trainees

Program Outline We accept trainees from South American Kenjinkaiko and friendly partner countries, etc., through training and exchanges with citizens of the prefecture.

At the same time as promoting understanding of the economy, society, culture, etc. of Japan and this prefecture, we contributed to the promotion of friendly exchanges between the sending country and this prefecture.
It is carried out for the purpose of training the human resources to obtain.In Kagawa Prefecture, the business was started in 47, ahead of the rest of the country.
The project was transferred from the prefecture to our association from 19, but since the project started, we have accepted 34 trainees from 424 countries.
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