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IPAL Japanese Language Course (2021)

I-PAL Japanese Language Courses 2021/2021Year I-PALDayWordsseat

Because of the coronavirus, the Ipal Japanese language course is1Month27From day2Month12Until the dayThe class will be canceled.

 Thursday: January 1th, February 27rd, February 2th will be canceled
 Saturday: January 1th, February 29th, February 2th will be canceled
 * The new schedule ishereLook at

It may change again depending on the future situation.
In that case,2Month12Sunday (Saturday)13By the time, the homepage "Notice" column,
Facebook, Ipal Japanese language courseLINE
@ Will inform you of the schedule for the next week.

Learning Japanese is essential for foreign residents to live in Japan with peace of mind.
I-Pal Kagawa provides opportunities for foreign residents to learn the Japanese language necessary for living in Japan.
Mainly for the purpose of improving conversational ability, acquire Japanese ability from "Introduction 1" for learners who are learning Japanese for the first time to the level of completing the beginner's class (Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4). We offer 3 levels up to "Japanese 5" for the purpose of.

■ 2021年度 IPAL Japanese Course

This is a class to learn Japanese once a week for about 6 months.
Courses are offered at 5 levels.


Course period]

 Thursday class from April 11thMay 3 May 4

 Saturday class from April 11thMay 3 May 4

* Detailed scheduleFlyer (Japanese / English / Chinese)

[Number of times]Once a week (once for 1 hours) 1 times in total

[Target]Those who want to learn Japanese at the beginner level, in principle, 5th grade and above

【place】I-Pal Kagawa

[Training fee]4,000 yen (3,600 yen for iPal supporting members)
After 10If you take a class from, the tuition fee will be half price. (2,000 yen, Ipal supporting member 1,800 yen)

* Thursday class: After the class on February 2022, 2.Saturday class: After class on January 17, 2022.

[How to apply]

Application form (Japanese/ English / Chinese)Please fill in the required items and apply at the I-Pal Kagawa 2F office with the tuition fee.

* For those who are studying in the Ipal Japanese language course for the first time, a simple classification test and a tour will be required in advance.

(Not necessary if you have never studied Japanese before.)

[Inquiry / Application]Japanese language course charge

(E-MAIL) nihongo * i-pal.or.jp  

* When sending an email, please change * to @.
 Thank you for your cooperation in order to prevent spam.

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★★★About Japanese language classes in Kagawa Prefecture★★★

You can study Japanese outside of I-Pal Kagawa ⇓  

"Kagawa Japanese Language Class Map/ Map of Japanese Class in Kagawa "

(Japanese / Chinese / English / Tagalog / Vietnamese / Spanish)