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Kagawa International Festa

 "Kagawa International Festa" is a place for exchange and contact between foreign residents and citizens of the prefecture, and the citizens of the prefecture can participate in international exchange and cooperation.
This event is held once a year with I-Pal Kagawa as an opportunity to deepen understanding of multicultural coexistence and cultivate an international sense.
It is also an opportunity for international exchange groups and related organizations in the prefecture to come together and strengthen mutual cooperation.


Kagawa International Festa2022

 This year's International Festa will be held as "Kagawa International Festa Month" based on the infection status of the new coronavirus.Internet distribution, etc.1Enjoy the month-long event!note that,10Month9Opening events on Sundays,3For the first time in years, an international exchange group in the prefecture will also sell goods.

"Kagawa International Festa Month2022'

Duration:2022Years10Month9Sun (Sun) ~11Month8Sun (Tue)

Venue: I-Pal Kagawa



This year,"Now is the time, from here. Our thoughts that lead to the future."With the catchphrase, we are planning the following events.

Kagawa International Festa Month 2022 flyer_final data_page_1.jpgKagawa International Festa Month 2022 flyer_final data_page_2.jpg

10Month9Day(Day) In addition to the opening event, product sales etc. will be held!


1Fipal plaza

・ Product sales(Selling fair trade products, African folk crafts, etc.)

-1Japanese administrative consultation


2FExchange floor

10 : 00~10 : 30 

(1) Opening ceremony  Recruiting viewers! (first come, first served)50Name) Advance application system

▶ Opening declaration

▶ "Connect with the world!! Peace×"Peace Project" Activity Announcement

Students from Takamatsu Elementary School attached to Kagawa University will introduce what they have felt and what they have learned through the international exchange and international contribution activities they have been involved in so far, and present the results of the project.


[How to apply for the opening ceremony]

Please apply from this formhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ymXY6KsR8BUouH5nN0CYlniPVoKDvbXHnHU4Hmgrmow/edit 

10 : 45~12 : 15 

(2) International Understanding Course ~Autumn~inFesta (Special Edition)📺  Call for Participation! (First come, first served30Name) Advance application system

At this year's festival, as a special edition of the international understanding course, a craft class will be held by the prefectural international coordinator.For more information here.


[How to apply for the International Understanding Course]

Please apply from this formhttps://onl.tw/dnGyH3shttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RRmR2Zr93igtyFuN4tpQvHv44kQAYJILwZMNE-VGx54/edit



13 : 30~16 : 00 

(3) Movie Screening & Lectures/Experiences of Japan Cooperation Volunteers   Recruiting viewers! (first come, first served)50Name) Advance application system

▶ South Sudan andJICABusiness introduction

▶Movie "Warriors of War" Screening...movie flyer

▶In SudanJICAJapan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer experiences


[movie screening&How to apply for lectures and JOCV experiences]

① Your nameDepartmentPhone Number 4email addressJICAShikoku Please send to the following address.JICAYou can also apply from the homepage.

destination:JICAShikoku Yamashina E-mail: jicashikoku@gmail.com HP: https://forms.office.com/r/F8jX7vmRuX

Other events


Activity introduction exhibition & video distribution by international exchange groups in the prefecture📺

[Exhibition period:10Month9Sun (Sun) ~11Month8Sun (Tue)]  

[Delivery period:10Month9Sun (Sun) ~2023Years3Month31Sun (Fri)]

We will hold an exhibition introducing activities by international exchange groups on a weekly basis.We will also deliver an introduction video of each group, so please have a look!


"Working and learning in Kagawa Art exhibition for foreigners /KAGAWA INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION 2021Exhibition of works [Exhibition period:10Month29Sunday (Sat) -11Month8Sun (Tue)]

We will exhibit art works by foreign residents.Why don't you get to know and touch the thoughts of foreign residents living in the same area through your work?

For further information, please read here.


World Lecture Series (Southeast Asia)inFesta (Special Edition)

Date and time:10Month20Day(Thu) 14 : 00~16 : 00 -malaysia  

Instructor:JICAShikoku Operations Manager Shinsaku Fukasawa

Date and time:10Month27Day(Thu) 14 : 00~16 : 00 -Philippines, Indonesia-

Instructor:JETRODirector Kagawa Takashi Ishihara and others

For further information, please read here.


📺Mark's event is at I-Pal KagawaYouTubeWe will deliver the video on the channel.

Click here for YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9R3r58rOcunCSpR3tgUdkg



"Requests to all visitors»

・ Please act based on "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask, disinfecting fingers, and "cough etiquette".

・ Before participating, "contact confirmation app (COCOA) ”Please install.

・ Kagawa International House at the time of participation(I-Pal Kagawa)Kagawa International House of "Kagawa Corona Notification System" posted at the doorway(I-Pal Kagawa)Please read the QR code of.

・ We will measure the temperature before entering the venue.Those who have symptoms such as fever cannot enter.

*For more information herefor more information.


* Some of the events may be canceled depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.In that case, this homepage or I-Pal KagawaFacebookWe will inform you by such.



[Past event report]

  Reiwa3Annual "Kagawa International Festa"2021The state of here.