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Multicultural community development promotion project

The number of foreign residents living in the prefecture is increasing year by year, and there is a need to create a town where foreign residents and Japanese residents can help each other and live with peace of mind.Based on this situation, our association supports the town development of multicultural coexistence in the prefecture.

In 2021, using Ayagawa Town as a model case, in collaboration with Kagawa Prefecture and Ayagawa Town, we will start a town development project centered on promoting exchanges between foreign residents living in the town, including technical intern trainees, and local people. did.


"Vietnam courseinAyagawa-Let's learn language and culture & enjoy interaction- " <It has ended>

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In Ayagawa Town374There are many foreign residents living here, but those from Vietnam163People and the whole4It accounts for more than a percentage (2021Years6月末現在。綾川町調べ)。今回の講座では、町内在住のベトナムの方をゲストに招き、グループに分かれて交流しながら、ベトナムの言語や文化について学びます。ベトナムを身近に感じる楽しいひと時を過ごしませんか?

◆ Overview
Date and time:12Month19Sun (Sun) 13 : 30~15 : 30 (reception:13 : 00~)
会場:綾川町綾南農村環境改善センター 2FMultipurpose hall[Ayagawa Town Takinomiya299]
Admission: Free
内容:第1部 ベトナム紹介、ベトナム語入門講座
   First2部 ベトナム人ゲストとの交流
申込締切:12Month14Sun (Tue)
How to apply:EPlease fill in the following items in the email and apply.You can also apply by phone.
EIf you would like to receive event information by e-mail, please write "Information request".
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"International exchange futsal eventinAyagawa " <It has ended>

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Would you like to interact with foreign residents, including technical intern trainees living in Ayagawa-cho, through futsal?Based in Ayagawa Town2019Women's soccer team that has been active since the year "UDNKagawaFCThere is also a mini futsal class by players, etc. Beginners and experienced players are welcome! It is an event that can be enjoyed by children and adults. Please join us after inviting us!

◆ Overview
Date and time:September 9th (Sat) 25: 13-30: 15 (Reception: 30: 13-) 
    * Based on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the implementation period has been changed as follows.
    ⇒Saturday, November 2021, 11 20: 13-30: 15 (Reception: 30: 13-)
会場:綾川町ふれあい運動公園 人工芝グラウンド[Yamadashimo, Ayagawa Town3694-1]
対象:綾川町に在住・在勤・在学の方、町内でボランティア活動等に従事されている方(小学生以上 ※小学3Children under the grade are accompanied by a guardian)
Capacity:20First name(First come first served) * About foreign residents such as technical intern trainees20The name will also participate.
Admission: Free
   ミニフットサル教室(We plan to divide into groups such as beginners and experienced people.)

"Ayagawa Town Multicultural Town Development Supporter Training Course" <It has ended>

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◆ Overview
Implementation period:2021Years8Month21Sunday (Sat) -9Month18Sunday (Sat) (All5Back)
* Based on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the implementation period has been changed as follows.
⇒October 2021th (Sat) -November 10th (Sat), 9 (11 times in total)
    Those who can take all courses in principle
    * If there are a large number of applications, priority will be given to those who live, work, or attend school in Ayagawa Town, and those who are engaged in volunteer activities in the town.
Capacity:20First name 
修了証書等の授与:3Students who attend more than once will be awarded a certificate of completion and a certification badge from the town.
* The leaflet of the courseArticlesYou can download it from.
↑ Please note that the dates listed in Chirashizushi are before the change.

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[Cancellation of event]
The event may be canceled due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.In that case, the morning of the day of the event11We will contact you by the time.

[Other precautions]
・ Newspapers, TV, etc. may be interviewed on the day of the event.In addition, please note that the photos taken on the day may be posted on the websites, magazines, public relations materials, etc. of Ayagawa Town, Kagawa Prefecture, and the Kagawa International Association.If you have any problems with posting, please let us know.
・ The personal information provided will be used only for the operation of this event and for event / course guidance to those who wish.It is assumed that the above consent has been obtained by this application.

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