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About preventive measures against the spread of new coronavirus infections at events held by the Kagawa International Association


At an event held by the Kagawa International Association

About preventive measures against the spread of new coronavirus infections

〇Request to all participants

◆ Act based on "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask, diligently cleaning and disinfecting hands and fingers, and "cough etiquette"


Click here for "cough etiquette" ⇒https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/0000187997.html

Click here for "new lifestyle" ⇒https://corona.go.jp/prevention/pdf/atarashii_seikatsu.pdf

◆ Please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue.

◆ Those who fall under the following cannot participate.

▪ Those who have cold symptoms such as fever (37.5 degrees or higher) and cough.

▪ Those who have been infected with the new coronavirus infection in their family, work place, school, etc., or who may be infected because there is a suspected infection.

▪ Not limited to the above, those who are not in good physical condition.

▪ Those who have not passed the waiting period set by the government after entering Japan from an area subject to immigration restrictions based on the Immigration Control and Refuge.

〇 Preventive measures against the spread of infectious diseases of our association

◆ We will measure the temperature at the time of admission and refrain from participating if you have symptoms such as fever.

◆ Seat / Capacity

▪ Capacity ... 50% of the capacity is limited.

▪ Arrangement ... Arrange seats so that the distance between participants (XNUMXm or more) can be maintained.

▪ Disinfection ... Disinfect seats and armrests.

◆ Ventilation support 

▪ If there is a built-in ventilation and air conditioning system, always operate it to provide proper ventilation.

▪ Windows and doors are always open as much as possible.Before and after the event, be sure to open the windows and ensure thorough ventilation.

◆ Installation of disinfectant

▪ Install disinfectant at the entrance and exit of the venue.

◆ Maintaining mutual distance

▪ When entering and exiting, guide people to move forward with a distance from those around them.

◆ How to participate

▪ Advance application is required. (For contact information, health status, etc.)

◆ Dissemination of precautions on the day

▪ On the day of the event, the staff will remind participants of the precautions (thorough "cough etiquette", wearing masks, etc.).

◆ Staff wearing masks

▪ Staff should wear masks to respond. (Install a face shield if necessary.)

* The event may be canceled depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.

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