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Ipal Children's Japanese Class

We will hold a Japanese language class for children with foreign roots who live in the prefecture during spring and summer vacations.

Students will learn the Japanese language necessary for daily life and studying subjects at school, and deepen exchanges between participants through activities such as games and manufacturing.

[Recruitment of participants for "2023 Summer Ipal Children's Japanese Classroom"]NEW !!

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We are currently looking for participants in the summer vacation class.

Target:Children with foreign roots (elementary school3Grade to junior high school3Until about grade)

Date and time:2023 [first half] August 8 (Thu), 3 (Fri), 4 (Sat)
      [Second half] 24th (Thursday), 25th (Friday),26Sun (Sat) All6Times 10:00~12:00

place:I-Pal Kagawa

Entry fee:900 yen (supporting member 700 yen)

Capacity:15First name

★On August 8th (Sat) from 5:11-35:12, there will also be a parent consultation meeting.
★On August 8th (Thursday), there will also be a meeting for junior high school students to listen to high school entrance exam experiences.

* For details,Flyer[Japanese / English / Chinese(English-English-(Chinese)】please look at.

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