I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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Ipal JICA Film Festival

 For diverse cultures and worldviews through film screenings and talk shows about films from different countries

It is held for the purpose of providing an opportunity to deepen understanding.

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* Since the capacity of this event has been reached, the reception has been closed.

 Thank you for many applications.

* If you find it inconvenient, please contact the following contact information for cancellation.

Date and time: Sunday, June 4, 6th year of Reiwa 12: 13-00: 16

Location: I-Pal Kagawa Mezzanine Exchange Floor (2-1-11 Bancho, Takamatsu City)

Admission: Free

Application: First 50 people

Application: (Germany) Japan International Cooperation Agency Shikoku Center (JICA Shikoku)

      087-821-8825  jicashikoku@gmail.com

time schedule

12: 30 Doors open

13: 00-13: 05 Opening remarks

13: 05 ~ 13: 30 Experiences of JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

         Miwa Omori (Country of dispatch: Vietnam Occupation: Nurse)

13: 30-15: 24 Screening of the Japanese-Vietnamese collaboration movie "Blowing in the Winds of Vietnam" (114 minutes)

    <10 minutes break>

15: 35-16: 00 Lecture by the original author "Miyuki Komatsu" (online appearance)

16: 00-16: 25 FM Kagawa "Cinema Talk without permission" Cinema talk by personality

         Advance: Ms. Masaki Kiki, Ms. Kyoko Nakai

         Guest: "Miyuki Komatsu" (online appearance)

16: 25-16: 30 Closing remarks / Introduction of future events

Simultaneous holding JICA overseas cooperation corps panel exhibition from Kagawa prefecture                               
日時:令和4年6月1日(水)~15日(水)9:00~18:00 (※最終日は16:00まで)   
Location: I-Pal Kagawa 1st floor I-Pal Plaza

● At I-Pal Kagawa, lectures and events will be held after taking measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
We are carrying out.For more information, herePlease check from.

● The event may be postponed or canceled depending on the future infection status of the new coronavirus.
I have.In that case, we will inform you on the homepage of I-Pal Kagawa / JICA Shikoku.

★ Film festivals held in the past ★
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