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Japanese volunteer training course

 In the local Japanese language class, you can acquire the Japanese necessary for the lives of foreign residents and social knowledge rooted in the community.

It plays an important role in putting it on.Volunteer Japanese language teachers who are indispensable for its operationUpbringing

In cooperation with the international exchange associations of municipalities and the management organizations of Japanese language classes, we offer courses to help students.Now.

 Those who have no experience as a Japanese language teaching volunteer but wish to participate in the activity in the future,

Also, I am already working as a Japanese language teaching volunteer, but what I learned about Japanese language education

For those who do not have the basics of teaching Japanese as a foreign language and for communication with foreigners

Knowledge required when working as a Japanese language teaching volunteer, such as useful "easy Japanese"

This is a short-term course to learn and skills with practical training.

Reiwa 2nd year

 It will be co-sponsored with Ayagawa Town.

 日時:令和2年10月17日(土)から12月5日(土)までの毎週土曜日 10:00~12:00(全8回)

 Venue: ① Ayagawa Town Lifelong Learning Center (318 Takinomiya, Ayagawa Town)

    ② Ayagawa Rural Environment Improvement Center (299 Takinomiya, Ayagawa Town)

For details on the content of the course and how to apply,here.

* Since the capacity of this course has been reached, the reception has been closed.


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