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Late 2021 Japanese Salon

Japanese Language Salon, 2021 Second Term /2021YearsEvery timeSecond half datelanguageShaLong

Because of the coronavirusThe Japanese Salon is closed from January 1th to February 25th.

 Tuesday: January 1th, February 25st, 2th and 1th are closed.

 Thursday: January 1th, February 27rd and 2th are closed.

* The new schedule (January 1th edition) isArticlesLook at

The schedule may change again.At that time, on Tuesday, February 2th

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We will inform you on LINE @ of the Pal Japanese language course.Please be sure to see it.

In order for foreign residents to live in Japan with peace of mind, they should acquire Japanese language and social knowledge rooted in the community.
It is essential to wear it.

Therefore, at I-Pal Kagawa, foreign residents can talk with volunteers in Japanese.
"Japanese" where you can learn about Japanese language, Japanese culture and customs, and discuss your concerns.
"Salon" is held.Participation fee is free.
If you are interested, please join us.
Those who want to participate in the salon as volunteers are also welcome.

◆ Tuesday 10: 00-12: 00 Exchange floor
◆ Thursday 18: 00-20: 00 Library

For details such as schedule,Articles(Japanese / English / Chinese/South Korea)please confirm.

* "Japanese Conversation Club" sponsored by the Takamatsu International Association (Sunday 13: 00-16: 00)
TheArticlesPlease check from.

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★★★ About Japanese language classes in Kagawa Prefecture ★★★

You can study Japanese outside of I-Pal Kagawa ⇓  

"Kagawa Japanese Language Class Map/ Map of Japanese Class in Kagawa'

(Japanese / Chinese / English / Tagalog / Vietnamese / Spanish)