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Easy Japanese training

Aiming to spread easy Japanese throughout the prefecture, we will carry out training to learn easy Japanese.In addition, in response to requests from prefectures and municipalities, we will dispatch staff as instructors for training conducted by the requesting organization.

"Easy Japanese"And

It is Japanese that has been simplified so that it is easy for foreigners to understand the Japanese that is usually used.It was devised so that in the event of a disaster, foreigners who do not have sufficient Japanese proficiency can obtain the necessary information as quickly as possible and act appropriately.In recent years, it has been attracting attention as a means of easy-to-understand communication not only for foreigners, but also for children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

About dispatching "Easy Japanese Training" instructors

Prefectural / Municipalities, Prefectural / Municipal Boards of Education, Municipal International Association

Instructor:Our association staff1~3Name * The number of people dispatched depends on the number of participants and the content of the program.

Lecturer dispatch fee:In principle1Per time (2Until time)10,000Yen (including transportation)


The contents of the training are as follows.Details, including the scenes and topics to be covered, will be decided based on the purpose of the training and the wishes of the client organization.

・ Explanation about the features of easy Japanese and how to make it

・ Practical practice of easy Japanese (written and spoken)

・Exchange with foreign residents

・Introduction to the current situation of foreign residents in the prefecture and the activities of our association

How to pay the reward:As a general rule, after the training15Please transfer to our bank account within a day.

How to apply:"Lecturer dispatch request formPlease fill in the mail,FAX Please send by e-mail etc.

Desired dispatch date as much as possible2By a month agoPlease apply.

* Please note that we may not be able to meet your request due to schedule or other reasons.Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

[Application / Inquiries]

Kagawa International Exchange Association

Bancho, Takamatsu City1-11-63 I-Pal Kagawa2Floor

TEL: 087-837-5908 FAX : 087-837-5903 e-mail: i-pal@i-pal.or.jp Person in charge: Watari/Yamashita

2023Fiscal year results] (as of the end of June 2023)

○ Conducted training:

・Kagawa University “Ayagawa Town Development Project” Withtraining for

[Date: June 6(water)] * The report article isHere → Facebook,Twitter, Instagram

○Lecturer dispatch: Higashikagawa City (Human Rights Center Ouchi Exchange Hall), Higashikagawa City (Human Rights Promotion Division)

2022Fiscal Year Results】

○ Conducted training:

・Kagawa University “Ayagawa Town Development Project”Withtraining for

[Implementation date:7Month1Day(Fri)] * The report article isplease use this form.(With SNS)

・"Let's learn easy Japanese -why don't you try interacting with foreigners in easy Japanese?" (Co-sponsored by Marugame City)

[Implementation date:9Month11Day(Day)] * The report article isplease use this form.(Published in "I-PAL Communication Winter Issue")

 ○ Lecturer Dispatch: Sanuki City * Report articleplease use this form.(Sanuki CityHP), Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural College, Higashikagawa City


 【2021Fiscal Year Results】

○ Conducted training:

・Kagawa University “Ayagawa Town Development Project”Withtraining for

[Implementation date:10Month22Day(Fri)]* Report articleplease use this form.(With SNS)

・Training at the Ayagawa Multicultural Town Development Supporter Training Course(Co-sponsored by Ayagawa Town and Kagawa Prefecture)

 [Implementation date:10Month30Day(Sat)] * The report article isplease use this form.

 ○ Dispatch of lecturers: Kagawa Prefectural University of Health Sciences, Sanuki City International Exchange Warming Association, Higashikagawa City


2020Fiscal Year Results】

○ Conducted training:

・Easy Japanese language training for Kagawa Prefectural International Division staff (co-sponsored with Kagawa Prefectural Government)

[Implementation date:5Month13Day(Wed),15Day(Fri),21Day(Thu)]

・Let's Learn 'Easy Japanese' for Foreign Residents! (Co-sponsored by Sakaide City)

 [Implementation date:8Month28Day(Fri)]

・Let's learn "Easy Japanese" for foreign residents! in Ayagawa” (co-sponsored with Ayagawa Town)

 [Implementation date:1Month14Day(Thu)]

 ○ Lecturer dispatch: Mitoyo City