I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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Introduction of facilities in the facility

 The 1st floor, 1st floor mezzanine, and 2nd floor mezzanine Have the following facilities.

◆ Exchange lounge (mezzanine floor) -Exchange floor-

It is a place where citizens of the prefecture and foreigners can freely interact and exchange information.
In addition, put up posters, pamphlets, etc. about prefectures and foreign countries.
We also provide various information.

◆ Library Reading Room (Medium XNUMXst floor) -Library-

We browse and rent books related to prefectures and other countries.

◆ Exhibition Room (XNUMXst floor) -Ipal Plaza-

Understanding about prefectures and other countries, and recognition of international exchange and cooperation
We will have an exhibition to deepen.

◆ Friendship City Exchange Exhibition Room (XNUMXst floor)

About Kagawa Prefecture and Takamatsu City's exchanges with overseas friendships and sister cities
I am exhibiting.

 The 3rd floor has the following facilities.

* Regarding application for useplease use this form..

◆ Large conference room

For versatile purposes such as various lectures, symposiums, receptions, various events, etc.
available. * It can be divided and used as a medium-sized conference room (XNUMX people).

◆ Meeting room

It can be used for various training such as various meetings, various seminars, and language courses.
* Normally, it is divided into each room (XNUMX people), but by connecting XNUMX or XNUMX rooms,
It can also be used as a medium / large conference room.

◆ Japanese-style room

It can be used for small meetings and training using tatami mats.

◆ Small meeting room(This meeting room is on the XNUMXnd floor.)

It can be used for small meetings and training for up to a dozen people.

 Overview of the various conference rooms and exhibitions rooms

* Marks require a separate charge in addition to the basic room charge.