I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

Notes on translation

What is I-Pal Kagawa?

The official name is "Kagawa International House", but we solicited a familiar nickname at the time of its inauguration and named it "I-Pal Kagawa".

This is Ai (love, international exchange: acronym I for International-exchange, acronym I for Information, I: I) with Pal (friends, friends: Pal)

It is a composite of the prefecture name Kagawa, and this facility serves as a base for people involved in international exchange and cooperation, and also serves as a base for international exchange and cooperation.

It expresses the image of a place where people gather and become friends, a place where various information is exchanged with friends, and a place where I and friends gather.

It largely expresses the ideal of spreading love to the world through international exchange and cooperation.

I-Pal Kagawa is managed by the Kagawa International Association as a designated administrator.



  760-0017-11 Bancho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 63-XNUMX
  TEL 087-837-5908 FAX 087-837-5903



  Exchange lounge (exchange floor), exhibition room (ipal plaza), library reading room (library) that can be freely used in I-Pal Kagawa

  There is a friendship exchange exhibition room.For more information"Introduction of facilities in the facility".
  In addition, Various meeting roomsAlso available, by applying in advance, for meetings, workshops, lectures, etc.PaidIt is available at.
  Smoking is prohibited from April 16, 4.Thank you for your cooperation.

  Hours of operation


 Exchange lounge (exchange floor), exhibition room (ipal plaza), library reading room, friendship exchange exhibition room


  conference room

      XNUMX am-XNUMXpm (Sundays, public holidays)

      XNUMX am-XNUMXpm (Tuesday-Friday, excluding holidays)


As a general rule, the museum is closed on Mondays.

  * However, it will be open when Monday is a holiday.In that case, the closed day will be the day that is not the closest holiday to that day.
  (Tuesday the next day in principle) Year-end and New Year holidays (December XNUMX-January XNUMX)


  Kagawa International Association Telephone 087-837-5908

  For inquiries by emailthis online formThank you.