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International student housing security support system

The "Kagawa Prefectural International Student Housing Securing Support System" is a public interest incorporated foundation, Kagawa Prefectural International Exchange Association, with the following organizations and organizations to promote the acceptance of international students.
It is a "joint and several guarantee underwriting system" that cooperates and supports international students to lead their academic life with peace of mind in a more stable living environment.
★ Cooperation partner: Kagawa Prefecture, universities, junior colleges, technical colleges in Kagawa Prefecture that accept international students, (public corporation) Kagawa Prefecture Building Lots and Buildings Trading Association

 Support content

 ~ system of joint liability on guarantee

When an international student rents a private apartment, boarding house, etc., the Kagawa International Association is the guarantor.

★ A recommendation from a university, etc. is required for application.In addition, it is necessary to join the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services Association's Comprehensive International Student Housing Compensation.
For more information, please contact the international student office of the university or the Kagawa International Association.


(XNUMX) Ask the university or other university to introduce you to a partner in charge of international students.
② Select a residential property with a cooperating company.
③ We will inform you of the rent of the property with the landlord who was mediated and introduced by the cooperating company.
* Please fill in the required items in the "Mark" column of the standard contract.
④ Apply for a recommendation to use the "International Student Housing Securing Support System" at the international student counter at the university.
* At the same time, please complete the procedure for joining the "Comprehensive Compensation for International Student Housing" of the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services Association.
⑤ Apply for use at the Prefectural International Exchange Association with the "International Student Housing Securing Support System Recommendation Form" and "International Student Housing Comprehensive Compensation Membership Card" issued by the university.
⑥ When the Prefectural International Exchange Association finds the application appropriate, it will sign and seal the guarantor column of the "Standard Contract" and hand it to the international student.
⑦ International students conclude a contract with a cooperating company.In addition, we will report the conclusion of the contract to the international student office at the university.
⑧ Start moving in


Kagawa International Association

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 Details of system and procedure documents

★ Support system for securing housing for international students (PDF format)