I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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We are looking for supporting members (supporters)!

In order to promote international exchange and cooperation in this prefecture and to realize a multicultural society, our association
We are looking for individuals and groups to support the activities of our association.
For benefits and application methods for members (including members of affiliated organizations)below
In the itemplease confirm.

≪Annual membership fee≫

Individual: 3,000 yen / bite

Group: 10,000 yen / bite

Membership benefits
[Individual / group members]
・ Free distribution of iPal communication and other materials issued by the association
・ Sending guidebooks for various events and courses sponsored by the association and discounts (* There is no discount for foreign language courses)
・ Advance reception of foreign language course application for April term
・ Reservation accepted 6 months in advance of the hall meeting room (usually 3 months in advance) (* Business activities such as selling goods are not possible)
・ Free lending of some goods owned by the association such as national flags (national flags: owned by 75 countries)
[Group members]
・ Subsidies for usage fees and equipment usage fees for conference rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and exhibition rooms
・ Introduce members with a banner on the association website (3 or more members)
・ Installation of racks and bulletin boards for introducing supporting members (XNUMXst floor plaza: retention of leaflets, poster posting)
・ Sponsorship / sponsorship of events hosted by members (* We may decline depending on the content)
・ Posting and posting of supporting member names on iPal communication, association website, and in the hall (only group members in the hall)
* For details on the benefits, see the attached "About the benefits of supporting members of the Kagawa International Association".
Please confirm.


・ How to apply: Please fill out the prescribed membership application form and send it by mail (fax accepted) or bring it to the office on the XNUMXnd floor of I-Pal Kagawa.

・ Membership fee payment method: [Cash], [Bank transfer (with transfer form for Hyakujushi Bank and Kagawa Bank)], [Account debit]
  * After specifying the method of depositing the membership fee, we will send you the prescribed form.

Issuance and usage of membership card

We will issue personal and group membership cards to supporting members.By presenting this membership card, you can enjoy the benefits of members.
You can receive it.The discount applies to the person himself / herself and his / her accompanying family, and is used by those who belong to a group member.
When you do so, please show a certificate that shows that you belong.

Supporting member recruitment information
About the benefits of supporting members
Individual membership application form (Word)
Individual membership application form (pdf)
Corporate Membership Application Form (Word)
Corporate membership application form (pdf)
About tax incentives

Related regulations, etc.

Supporting Membership Regulations (pdf)
Regulations for handling donations (pdf)
Handling related to use (pdf)

Supporting members list

Supporting member list (URL listed) (pdf)