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Notes on translation

I-Pal Kagawa Library

 Open hours

Tuesday-Sunday 9: 00-18: 00
* Closed: Monday (Tuesday the next day if Monday is a national holiday)

 For beginners using the library

Browsing books in the library
: You are free to browse books.Please feel free to use it.

Book lending: A library card is required to borrow books.Have
If you are not a kid, we will make it, so call the staff by extension on the reception counter.

Creating a library card: Cards go to people living in the prefecture or schools in the prefecture
Anyone who is working or working can create it.I know the address
Please bring your driver's license, residence card, and other identification documents to the user application form.
Please fill in the required items and apply.

 To check out and return books

Lending method
: Bring the book you want to borrow and the library card to the reception counter
Please call the staff by extension.

Lending period
: 2week ※

Number of books lent
: Up to 2 books per person (up to 4 supporting members) *

* Books for volunteers such as interpreters who are registered as volunteers such as interpreters.
For those who wish to lend, the handling of the lending period etc. is different.

For more information,please use this form.Please verify.

 About our book collection

We browse and rent books unique to I-Pal Kagawa.

―Japanese teaching materials―

Teaching materials for Japanese learners and their instructors, such as Japanese textbooks and a collection of questions for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
We have. There are plenty of teaching materials with CDs, so please use them for learning Japanese.

-Picture book in a foreign language-

We have picture books in various languages ​​including English.Through the world of picture books, the languages ​​of other countries
Would you like to experience the culture?


English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Russian,
Thai, Filipino

The list of picture books isplease use this form..

-Foreign language teaching materials-

In addition to this, for learning foreign languages ​​such as English that can be used at the AV booth in the library
We have prepared useful teaching materials with DVDs and CDs.For usage and teaching materials, see "AV" at the bottom of the page.
Please see the "Booth / Hearing Space" column.

 To use the audio-visual equipment

The library has an AV booth.Teaching materials with DVD / CD for learning Japanese and foreign languages,
We have prepared a DVD about World Heritage Sites, so please use it.

* Currently, the AV booth cannot be used to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

How to Use:please use this form..

The list of teaching materials with CD isplease use this form..

There is also a catalog of teaching materials on the cabinet that stores the teaching materials, so please use it.

 Library news

Event information and announcements in the libraryplease use this form.! !

 Copying services

You can freely use the copier in the library.
Price: Black and white XNUMX yen / sheet
    Color XNUMX yen / sheet