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Support for learning Japanese for children in elementary and junior high schools

At the request of the Board of Education, we provide Japanese language instruction and subject learning assistance to foreign children and students.

We will dispatch volunteers to elementary and junior high schools.The day when the target children and students need to live

Acquire the power of subject learning that leads to advancement and advancement by learning this language as soon as possible

In addition to providing support, we will also dispatch an interpreter if necessary.

Target: For studying subjects due to insufficient daily conversation in Japanese and learning language equivalent to the grade level

   Children with disabilities who can receive instruction in Japanese

Number of dispatch hours: 35 hours in total (including meeting time. If you wish to dispatch an interpreter
      Including that time. )

Number of dispatched schools: 4 schools (name) / year

Teaching content and form: Japanese language teaching / subject learning assistance, taking out / attending class

Flow until dispatch:

 ① The prefectural / municipal board of education submits a dispatch application to the association and applies

 ② After the examination, decide whether or not to dispatch and notify

 ③ Set the first meeting date between the school and the dispatched instructor, and have a meeting

 ④ Start of dispatch (dispatch will end within the fiscal year regardless of the start time)

Application time: As a general rule, until June of the current year

* However, this does not apply to cases of editing / moving in the middle of the year.

For more information,Project implementation guidelines and stylePlease verify.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.