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Handling procedures for co-sponsorship and sponsorship, etc.

The Kagawa Prefectural International Exchange Association sponsors projects co-sponsored by other organizations and projects conducted by other organizations.
Co-sponsoring means participating in planning or management in implementing the project and sharing part of the responsibility as a co-sponsor.
Sponsorship means to approve the use of the name in order to support the purpose of the business and to support the holding.
If you are a desired organization, please submit the "application form" with the necessary documents attached.Regarding the application for sponsorship, etc., we confirmed the contents and confirmed that it was appropriate.
For business, we will notify you of "approval of use in the name".
Please refer to the following handling guidelines and document format for acceptance criteria, procedures and reports.
Handling guidelines for co-sponsorship and sponsorship (  pdf )
Separate form XNUMX (co-sponsored) application form (  Word   -   pdf )  
Separate form XNUMX (sponsorship, etc.) application form (  Word  -   pdf )
Separate Form XNUMX Use Consent Form (  pdf )
Separate Form XNUMX (co-sponsored) Implementation Report (  Word   -   pdf )
Separate Form XNUMX (sponsorship, etc.) Implementation Report (  Word   - pdf )