I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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Introducing Ipal

What is I-Pal Kagawa?

What is I-Pal Kagawa?

The official name is Kagawa International House.We solicited publicly at the time of opening and chose the familiar nickname "I-Pal Kagawa".

(Public interest incorporated foundation) Kagawa International Association

Information on the Kagawa International Association.

Facility Introduction

Facility Introduction

Introducing the facilities of I-Pal Kagawa.There is a free space for international exchange / understanding and information gathering / exchange, and a paid rental facility for events such as language training and various conferences / exhibitions.


We browse and rent books on Japanese culture and overseas circumstances, teaching materials for learning Japanese, and picture books from all over the world.

Rental of conference rooms, etc.

Rental of conference rooms, etc.

From 9am to 21pm, we have rooms for 10 to 130 people.Fully equipped with audio and video equipment!

Recruitment of supporting members

Recruitment of supporting members

As you become a supporting member, you will receive various benefits.

Business subsidy to international exchange organizations

Subsidies will be provided for international exchange projects and foreign residents support projects conducted by international exchange and cooperating organizations.

Co-sponsored / sponsored / sponsored

At the request of the implementer, we co-sponsor, sponsor, and co-sponsor international exchange, multicultural coexistence, and support for foreign residents conducted by international exchange organizations, educational organizations, and supporting members.

Visit Ipal

Visit Ipal

We accept visits to the hotel at the request of educational institutions.We will implement programs according to the wishes of the requesting organization, such as business introductions, facility information, and international understanding courses by prefectural international exchange staff.

Ipal communication

This is an institutional magazine that contains information on events and information about the association, introductions to international exchange groups in the prefecture, and useful information for foreigners.

Notification email

We will inform the event and course information of the association to those who have registered their e-mail address in advance.

Introduction of international exchange staff and trainees


 In Kagawa Prefecture, we invited international exchange members

 Schools, municipalities, international exchange groups

 Instructor dispatch at the request of the body



Please contact us for details on various projects such as foreign language courses, Japanese language courses, international understanding courses, and volunteers such as interpreters.


Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)
(Germany) Japan International Cooperation Agency Shikoku Center (JICA Shikoku)
Municipal / Municipal International Exchange Association
Links (education, disaster, status of residence, study abroad, etc.)