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Ipal Foreign Language Course

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 The I-PAL foreign language course is a one-year continuous course consisting of three terms.

Latest schedule
 April 2024


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★The latest schedule for April 2024 isplease use this form.(pdf)   

★Information on foreign language course cancellations, substitute lectures, and changes in 2024please use this form.(pdf) 

*Application status for September 2024please use this form.Please see (as of January 6)      

[Course period]

April period: April 4th (Tuesday) to July 4rd (Tuesday) (16 times in total, 7 hours in total) Flyer

September period: Early September to mid-December (9 times in total, 9 hours in total)

January period Early January to mid-March (all9Times / total18time)


[Capacity] 30 people for each course (deadline as soon as the capacity is reached)

[Target] High school students and above

[Tuition fee] April/September ⇒ 4 yen

[Training fee]  January ⇒ 1 yen

Depending on the course, a separate textbook fee and material fee may be required.please use this form.Please check (2024 version).

* As a general rule, tuition fees and textbook fees once paid are non-refundable.Please be careful.

[Course introduction] Please see the PDF below for the content of the course. (Please click on the language you want to view.)

English (basic / beginner),English (intermediate / advanced),Spanish-Chinese,French-German,Korean-Italian-Russian,

There are 8 courses in 27 languages ​​in total.

[Place] I-PAL Kagawa (Kagawa International House)

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[Start accepting applications] We will start accepting applications from March 4 (Wednesday) for the April semester.

       *February 2th for supporting members of our association(water)You can apply from

[How to apply] Please fill out the application form and bring it with the tuition fee to our association.

       * The application form isplease use this form.You can download from.

★You can try each course for free once per year, so if you are interested, please contact our association.

Email : gaikokugo-kouza@i-pal.or.jp  TEL : 087-837-5908]



① Depending on the circumstances of the instructor, the class may be replaced or canceled (supplementary class at a later date).

Information on class cancellations, substitute lectures, and changes will be posted on the I-PAL Kagawa homepage, in-house bulletin board, and Facebook, so please check them.

(XNUMX) If a weather warning is issued, the course will be canceled based on the following criteria.

・ If the alarm is canceled before the course starts, the course will be canceled.

・We will not contact you individually by phone, so please check the weather warnings on the website of the Takamatsu Meteorological Observatory.

Information will be posted on the I-PAL Kagawa website's "Class Cancellation/Substitute Class Information" and Facebook in order, but please understand that there may be a time lag.



・Register for the I-PAL Foreign Language Course LINE@.
 We will send you information about foreign language courses, cancellations of classes, substitute classes, etc.
 Please register using the two-dimensional code below ↓↓

・ There is no parking lot at I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House).Please note that there is no parking ticket service.