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Kagawa International Festa

 "Kagawa International Festa" is a place for exchange and contact between foreign residents and citizens of the prefecture, and the citizens of the prefecture can participate in international exchange and cooperation.
This event is held once a year with I-Pal Kagawa as an opportunity to deepen understanding of multicultural coexistence and cultivate an international sense.
It is also an opportunity for international exchange groups and related organizations in the prefecture to come together and strengthen mutual cooperation.


Kagawa International Festa2023

"Kagawa International Festa Month2023'

Duration:2023Years10Month9Sun (Monday / holiday)

Venue: I-Pal Kagawa



This year,“More connections, more expansion, from Kagawa to the world”With the catchphrase, we are planning the following events.

○ [Final] International Festa 2023_0825_page_1.jpg○ [Final] International Festa 2023_0825_page_2.jpg

In addition to stage events, food and beverage booths, product sales, etc. will be held!


1Fi-pal plaza entrance square

・Food zone

Enjoy "delicious" foods from around the world, such as boiled gyoza dumplings, kebab sandwiches, and sweets from Asia and South America.


2FExchange floor

10 : 00~10 : 30 
(1) Opening ceremony 

▶ Opening declaration

▶Announcement of activities of the “Communication of Culture and Humanity’s Friendship Project”  

Students at Takamatsu Elementary School attached to Kagawa University will introduce what they have felt through the international exchange activities they have undertaken so far, and what they have learned in the process.


10 : 45~12 : 30 
(2) Get to know the world and have fun!
~JICA trainees show off their country in English~

JICA trainees from Africa and Asia will talk about their countries in English and hold a quiz competition.Those who answer the quiz correctly will also receive a gift of folk art.



13 : 30~ 
(3) Foreign Karaoke Contest

~KAGAWA's Got Talent!!~

spread around the worldKARAOKEculture.Foreigners living in Kagawa will try Japanese songs and show off their wonderful singing voices.

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Other events


ThreeF conference room

Exhibition, product sales, and exchange zone by international exchange groups in the prefecture

There will be many booths holding panel exhibitions to deepen your understanding of international exchange and cooperation, sales of fair trade products, and small workshops where you can enjoy interaction.


M1 Library(10 : 45-12 : 00

Reading picture books from around the world

 Our foreign staff will happily read picture books to you in foreign languages ​​and Japanese.


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