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Notes on translation

Multilingual pointing phrasebook "Kaiwarai Burari"

In recent years, the number of foreigners living in the prefecture has increased significantly, and many multilingual guidance displays have been seen at facilities in the prefecture.But,
There are many foreigners who do not have the courage to talk to Japanese people because they do not understand the language.Communication between such foreigners and Japanese
I created this phrasebook to serve as a catalyst for the application.In this booklet, "somehow tell the Japanese what you want to say"
First of all, foreign languages ​​and Japanese are listed together.Therefore, even if you can't speak Japanese, you can ask questions from the booklet.
You can look for it and ask questions while showing it.Also, even Japanese who do not understand foreign languages ​​can now search for answers in Japanese as well.
is.Let's take the first step in Japan! !!

Conversation library / English


Conversation library / Chinese


Conversation library / Spanish


Conversation library / Tagalog


 Conversation library / Portugal


 Conversation library / Indonesian


Regarding the printed booklet
If it is in stock, we will give it to you free of charge.Please inform the following association of the required number of copies.

  ・ Kaiwarai Burari-English version

  ・ Kaiwarai Burari Tagalog version