I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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Rental space "Ipal Plaza"Is on the XNUMXst floor of I-Pal Kagawa.

The usage time is from 9:18 to 3,700:XNUMX, and the usage fee is XNUMX yen / day.

Please use it for panel exhibitions and events.

You are using "I-Pal Kagawa XNUMXrd floor meeting room』I made a layout plan.

Please use it when planning a meeting or creating a meeting guide.


Meeting room layout

People with various skills and experience volunteer at the Kagawa International Association

It is registered.There may be a wonderful teacher in the town where you live and work

I don't know ★ Please use it more and more at school educational institutions and local communities.

For example, how to use it ... (PDF)

✒ List of registrants by city / town by volunteer type (PDF)

✒ List of International Understanding Volunteer Themes (PDF)

✒ List of Japanese Cultural Guidance Volunteer Themes (PDF)

We will start the "Ipal Notification Mail" service published in the April issue of Ipal News.

For registered people, information on various events and workshops held at IPAL

We will inform you in a timely manner.

Those who wish to register, apply directly to the "Kagawa International Association" for the application form below.

Please apply by attaching the application form by e-mail.Registration completion email within XNUMX weeks after registration

I will send you.If you cannot send it, we will confirm it by phone.

   * Application: To the address stated in the registration application formEmailor sending us a message on

             facsimilePlease give me (087-837-5903).

      *Registration application .doc

2012.4.1.jpg The Kagawa Prefectural International Exchange Association was established on October 1989, 10, and has been a core organization in the prefecture that promotes internationalization. We have carried out various projects.
 We have been certified as a public interest incorporated foundation from Kagawa Prefecture, and on April 24, 2012, we will take a new step as a public interest incorporated foundation, Kagawa Prefecture International Exchange Association.
 We will continue to work with the citizens of the prefecture to promote international exchange and build a multicultural society, and to develop a business that is open to the public and contributes to many people. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.


Kagawa International Association
 Chairman Ei Tadano





Article XNUMX has been added as "Publication of business, etc."

Article XNUMX The chairman is the name of the organization that received the grant and the target of the grant.

      The amount of business and grants can be disclosed.

The revised version (enforced on April XNUMX, XNUMX) isClick here for the guidelines..

Living library

I'm testing.

Homepage of Kagawa International Affairs DivisionYou can download more.It is also distributed at I-Pal Kagawa.

・ Easy Japanese version

·English edition   

・ Chinese version  

・ Korean version

・ Tagalog version

・ Indonesian version

・ Portuguese version

・ Spanish version


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