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Notes on translation

About donation of collections to groups


 Based on the increase in foreign residents in Kagawa Prefecture in recent years, the library collection is studying Japanese.

Teaching materials for foreigners and their leaders, reference books for building a multicultural society, etc.

We decided to proceed with the maintenance specializing in.Along with that, other books will be organized.

Therefore, we will donate it to the desired organization as follows.


XNUMX Donation target group

  Limited to groups engaged in international exchange activities or public groups located in the prefecture.

  Please note that individual applications will not be accepted.

XNUMX Reception period / place

  Period: Reiwa3Years6Month11Day(Fri)から6Month30Day(Wed)Until

     However, every Monday is excluded.

  Place / Time: I-Pal Kagawa2Morning in the office on the floor9From time to afternoon4Reception until time

        Enter the organization, name, contact information, and number of books received in the reception book.

XNUMX Inquiries

  Kagawa International Association

  Tel 087-837-5908

XNUMX Precautions

  you have to,2Please register at the office on the floor.

  Not all books are donated, so please be careful not to take them out without the presence of the person in charge.