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Applications for [2023 International Understanding Course-Winter-] have started!


This course allows you to deepen your understanding of different cultures while becoming familiar with each country's culture.This time, the lecturers will be Coordinators of International Relations from Korea and China, who will introduce the cultures of their respective countries.This is a fun course that allows you to experience the culture of each country up close.The capacity for each course is30It is a first name.We look forward to your participation!

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[Course ①]
Let's experience the new trend in Korea! Find out your personality type with MBTI

Date and time:2023Years12Month9(Sat) 13:00-14:30
Lecturer: Yoon Ji-yun (Korea)
Location: I-PAL Kagawa Exchange Floor
Entry fee:800Yen (Supporting member:700Circle)

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[Lecture ②]
Where does Sanuki udon come from?The long connection between Kagawa and Shaanxi seen from noodle culture

Date and time:2024Years1Month20(Sat)  10:00-11:30
Lecturer: Son Xuening (China)
Location: I-PAL Kagawa Exchange Floor
Entry fee:800Yen (Supporting member:700Circle)

For more information, please visit our website.International Understanding Course Page,Flyer.Dedicated application formYou can also apply from.