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Recruitment of participants for "2022 International Understanding Education Seminar"


"2022Recruitment of participants for the Annual International Understanding Education Seminar

This year's theme is "Multicultural Coexistence -Let's create the future of Kagawa-" through participatory workshops to deepen understanding of multicultural coexistence and the current situation and issues of the region, and to realize a multicultural society. think about what to do.In addition, we are planning to make a practical report on efforts for multicultural coexistence.Please join us!


Date: Reiwa5Sunday, February 2, 5:00~16 : 30

Venue: I-Pal Kagawa 3Large conference room on the floor

Participation target: Those who are engaged in activities related to multicultural coexistence, local government officials,NPO-NGOStaff,

Educators, etc. [Capacity:30Name] 

Admission: Free

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