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[2022 International Understanding Lecture ~Autumn~ in Festa (Special Edition)] Registration has started!


In this international understanding course,"Kagawa International Festa 2022'It will be held in collaboration with
Prefectural International Relations CoordinatorColleen (UK),Guido (Argentina/Canada),Chaeyoung (Korea)became a lecturer,
"World Fire and Light Festival"We will introduce the festivals of each country under the theme of
In addition, we will hold a craft class where you can handmade unique items that are indispensable for the event.
It's a fun course where you can feel the culture of each country up close, so please join us!

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● Date and time:Sunday, October 2022, 10 9:10-45:12

■ United Kingdom:
Let's make a Jack-O-Lantern! (Capacity10Name)

■ Argentina:
Let's make "muñeco de fin de año (New Year's Eve doll)"! (Capacity10Name)

■ South Korea:
Let's make "Yongkodong (lotus flower lantern)"! (Capacity10Name)

For more information, please visit our website.International Understanding Course Page,Flyer.

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