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[About "Japanese Introductory Intensive Class" / 2022 I-PAL Japanese Language Lecture: Beginner Crash Course / About 2022 I-PAL Japanese Language Lecture: Beginner Intensive Group]


"Japanese Introductory Intensive Class"but in august16It starts on Tuesday.
The classroom is I-PAL Kagawa 3first floor3It's a conference room.

・Those who have applied will be notified by the morning of Tuesday the 16th.930from the minute 10in the classroom by the time 3,500Yen
 Please pay.

·September16sun tuesday morning10Applications can be submitted until
 applicationPlease send it by e-mail or bring it to I-PAL Kagawa.

The Beginner Crash Course will begin as scheduled on Tuesday, August 16.

Classes are in Meeting Room 3 on floor 3 of I-PAL Kagawa.

-If you have already applied, pay the course fee (¥3,500) at the classroom
 between 9:30-10:00 am on August 16.

-Applications are accepted until 10:00 am on Tuesday, August 16.  
 Submit an application by mail or bring one to I-PAL Kagawa.

entrance intensive group, August 8th (Zhou 16nd), the beginning of the year.

Classroom I-PAL Kagawa 3 Tower-like 3rd meeting room.

・Person who completed the survey, August16th (Shuu XNUMX) noon9:30~10:00In the meantime, tuition fees3,500day)
Paid to the classroom.

・Reported in August16th (Shuu XNUMX) noon10:00.GeneralReportWatchelectronic mail or delivery
I-PAL Kagawa Suiko.

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