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[Notification of Half-Priced Japanese Language Courses / Notification of Half-Priced Japanese Language Courses]


July 7th (here) Saturday (Doyoubi)From

2022) Early(Zenki)of Japanese(Japanese)讲座(Koza)Money(I guess)

Half(Hanbun)Will be.(¥ 4,000 → ¥ 2,000)

(Now)Study from(Benkyo)To start(Haji)People who want to meet(People)Is your chance!

A tour(Sepal)can.Come by all means(Can)please.

Class day of the week(Youbi)And time, etc.LeafletPlease see.

■ Ipal Japanese Course (Kouza):http://www.i-pal.or.jp/nihongo/


Beginning on July 9 (Saturday),

the fee for First term 2022 Japanese Language Courses will be reduced by half, from ¥ 4,000 to ¥ 2,000.

This is a good chance to start learning Japanese! If you're interested, come and try out a class.

Dates and times, as well as information about the various class levels, are listed in the flyer.

■ I-PAL Japanese Language Courses:http://www.i-pal.or.jp/nihongo/


September 7 (Saturday)Start,

The first half of 20224,000 days yuan to 2,000 days yuan, A little one and a half.

This is a good meeting for learning Japanese!It's a hobby, a hobby, and a hobby.

Refer to the request for information such as the opening date and time, horizontal setting of the course, etc.flyer.

■ I-PAL Japanese Language:http://www.i-pal.or.jp/nihongo/