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"Ipal JICA High School Student College 2022 <Exchange>" Online Course Recruitment of Participants!


Learn about Jordan & Syria

-Let's interact with foreign residents and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers OBs and OGs-

In this course, you will connect online with former Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers living in Jordan and learn about local life and activities during the time of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.In addition, guests from Syria who live in the prefecture will listen to introductions about Syria and its culture in English, and will interact in groups.
High school students, please join us!

Date and time: Saturday, August 4, 2022 8: 20-13: 00
Participation target: High school students in the prefecture who can prepare the equipment (computer or tablet) and Zoom required for participation
* Please refrain from participating on your smartphone.Please contact us if you have difficulty arranging equipment.
Capacity: 20 name
Admission: Free
Application deadline: May 8th (Friday)

* For details on how to apply here

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