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This is a classroom for children who want to study Japanese.You can also do school homework.
Japanese teachers1versus1It will teach you kindly.
After studying, play games and get to know everyone!

■ Who? :Children with foreign roots (15Up to people)
    (elementary3Grade to junior high school3Until about grade)
■ When? :2022/7Month27Sun (Wednesday),28Sun (Thursday),29Sunday (Friday)
        8Month2Sunday (Tuesday),3Sun (Wednesday),4Sun (Thursday) 10:00~12:00
     ★7Month29Sunday (Friday)11:45-12:30There is also a parent counseling session.
■ Where? :I-Pal Kagawa
■ How much? :6 times900Yen (supporting member 800 yen)

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This class is for children who want to learn Japanese. Children can also do their homework.
Friendly Japanese language teachers will work with each child individually.
After studying, let's play games and make friends!

■ Qualifying Students: Children with foreign roots (up to 15 students)
          (from 3rd grade of elementary school to around 3rd grade of junior high school)
■ Date / Time: July: Wed.27 Thu.28 Fri.29,
      August: Tue.2 Wed.3 Thu.4, 2022 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

      ★ We will also hold a parent-teacher meeting on Fri. 29 of July, 11:45 am-12:30pm!
■ Location: I-PAL Kagawa
■ Tuition Fee: 900yen (for all 6 classes) * I-PAL Supporting Members 800yen.

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A Japanese-language lesson-based lesson.It's a school-like business, etc.
Japanese Language Elderly Society Opposite Theology
After the unity of learning, the landlord is the first to play!

■ Object:Foreign bloodline children (15 people)
   (Third grade elementary school to first middle third grade left and right)
■ Date given time:July 2022, 7 (Week 27), 28 (Week 29), XNUMX (Week XNUMX)
           August 8nd (Week 2), 3rd (Week 4), XNUMXth (Week XNUMX) 10 points at noon to 12 points at noon
       ★ July 7th (Week) 29: 11-45: 12 Meeting of the Patriarchate!
■ Point:I-PAL Kagawa
■ Report name:900 days yuan (6th yuan) * 800 days yuan.

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