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[Ipal Japanese Language Course (first half year), starting in May! / I-PAL Japanese Language Courses (First Term) will start in May! / I-PAL Japanese Language Courses (5st half) May start! ]


5/7 (Sat)From, Ipal Japanese language course will start.
If you would like to apply or see the class, please come to I-Pal Kagawa.
(Please wear a mask when you come to I-Pal Kagawa.)

* The details of the course are hereLook at

I-PAL Japanese Language Courses will be starting from May 7 (Saturday).
Please stop by I-PAL Kagawa if you would like to register or take a trial class.
(Please make sure to wear a mask when you come to I-PAL.)

For course details, please check the link.

I-PAL Japanese LanguageSeptember 5 (Saturday)Starting line.
Report name or person, a person who is a human being, I-PAL Kagawa.
(At the time of I-PAL Kagawa, a certain amount of demand is required.)

* Detailed information on related courses, requestHere.