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[Join our Japanese Language Salon, 2021 Second Term / Invitation of participants in the second half of 2021 / Recruitment of participants in the second half of 2021]


Join our Japanese Language Salon, 2021 Second Term

Resuming in October, all foreign residents are invited to join our volunteer-led

Japanese language class, the Japanese Language Salon!

Through conversations in Japanese with volunteers, practice the language and

learn about the culture, or discuss any worries or concerns you might be having.

We welcome your participation!

We are also seeking volunteers to converse in Japanese and help facilitate foreign

residents' language learning.

click here for class schedule October 2021-March 2022.

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Foreign Residents' Japanese Language Team "Japanese Language",Will10Month恢复.

Participation in Japanese language exchange, academic Japanese language and Japanese culture, 倾 诉 烦恼, etc.

At the same time, I was invited to work for a long period of time, exchanged Japanese with foreign residents, and learned Japanese.

From October 2021 to 103Monthly itinerary, requestHereHomepage. 

[Recruitment of Japanese Salon Participants in the Second Half of 2021]

A Japanese volunteer class "Japanese Salon" held for foreign residents

Will resume in October.

Learn about Japanese language and culture through conversations with volunteers in Japanese

If you are a foreigner who wants to discuss your concerns, please join us.

Volunteers who talk with foreigners in Japanese and support learning Japanese are also available at any time.

We are recruiting.

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