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IpalKagawa(Kagawa)Then, even on LINE讲座(Koza)・ Event情报(Information),Foreigner(foreigner)residents(Jumin) Of(How)ToUseful( Yakuda )情报(Information)TheOutgoing(Hasshin)doing.By all meansBe Friend(Both   )Please become.

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*日本語(Japanese)讲座(Koza)-Foreign language(foreign language)讲座(Koza)other than(Igai)Event of讲座(Koza)情报(Information)Wait(な ど)TheOutgoing(Hasshin)To do.

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IpalForeign language(foreign language)讲座(Koza)TheAttendance(Jukou)Has been(How)It is,friend(Both)Please be a friend.

Foreign language(foreign language)讲座(Koza)ToRelated(Cans   )Announcements( Tooth  )TheOutgoing(Hasshin)To do.

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* Ipal's日本語(Japanese)讲座(Koza)study(Benkyo)doingPeople(People)It is,friend(Both)Please be a friend.

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* I-PAL Japanese language scholarship request notes.

日本語(Japanese)讲座(Koza) OfA vacation(Ease ) OfDay(Hi)Or insteadLesson(Class) OfDay(Hi)I understand.

Receive notices on class cancellations or make-up class dates.

At the time, the Japanese language was canceled and changed.

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