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About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases-Notices and requests to visitors-


 At the Kagawa International House (I-Pal Kagawa), we will pay close attention to the prevention of infection and spread of the new coronavirus infection.

 We would like to ask all visitors to understand and cooperate with the following points in order to prevent various viral infectious diseases and spread.

◆ If you have a cold symptom such as fever or cough, please use it after recovery.

◆ Thank you for your cooperation in "frequent hand washing".Please use the liquid soap in each washroom.

 In addition, when using the conference room, etc., please disinfect your hands and fingers with the alcohol disinfectant installed in the hall.

◆ When coughing or sneezing, please wear a mask or cooperate with "cough etiquette" that covers your mouth and nose with tissues, handkerchiefs, the inside of your jacket and sleeves.

◆ The staff may wear a mask to assist you.

 In addition, we will inform you about the cancellation of lectures and events on our website etc. at any time.
 Thank you.