I-Pal Kagawa (Kagawa International House) Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Kagawa International Exchange Association

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(Public interest incorporated foundation) Kagawa International Association logo mark decided


The Kagawa International Association was established for the purpose of promoting international exchange and cooperation, and this year marks the 30th anniversary.

 In commemoration of this, we are looking for works to create a logo mark that will make our association more familiar in the future.

After that, I would like to thank all of you from all over the country for applying.

 We are pleased to inform you that we have decided as follows from the many applications we received.

XNUMX Decision logo mark

  Grand Prize Takae Sugito (living in Aichi Prefecture)

  * Logo mark and prize-winning works are as shown in the attachment.

XNUMX Application status

  XNUMX points (XNUMX points for junior high and high school students, XNUMX points for vocational school / university students, XNUMX points for adults, XNUMX points for unknown)

XNUMX Examination method

  Determined by XNUMX members of the logo mark selection examination committee.

XNUMX Awards

  Best Award (Recruitment) XNUMX point, Excellence Award XNUMX points, Encouragement Award XNUMX point